A Bull in the Alley (Tulsa, OK)

I somehow find a way to get a few free meals out of one particular day; my birthday to be exact. The final count should end at four, maybe five. I’ve been celebrating my birthday with food for about a week now and it’s been fantastic.

My most recent dining experience has got to be one for the books. Awesome atmosphere, amazing food, and one hell of a piano player. My parents took me to A Bull in the Alley. It’s a restaurant and piano bar pretty much hidden in an alley. No real sign besides the small Bull above the door. And the door is a huge green door that looks like a set of shutters. Once you figure out how to get in you walk into a magnificent little piano bar where the green, gold, and black decor make you feel like you’re the absolute shit.

They don’t have a cocktail menu and the wine list is bigger than the menu itself but I kind of like that I wasn’t overwhelmed with so many options. We started off with shrimp cocktail and crabcakes. Both were just average but still good. 

They have the option to do a table steak. It was simply a porterhouse that was all shared. It had a pretty hefty price tag of $43 per person but it worth every penny we spent. It was marinated to perfection and cooked exactly how we ordered it. I believe they cooked it in butter so you know it was all good in my book. I may not be a fan of Paula Dean the person but I believe in that butter lovers methods of cooking. As with most steakhouses the sides were family style so we went with their potatoes and seasonal vegetable which happened to be brussel sprouts. I secretly love brussel sprouts. It’s one of those vegetables that has a bad rap but they can really be as healthy or fattening as you would like.

Of course for me the star of the show was the dessert. While we were sitting there I noticed this half of a mountain stroll by so I asked the server what it was and it was a turtle pie. I really would have gotten the caramel and chocolate chunk of heaven if we weren’t so full and could stand to stuff the dessert into our full bellies. It had ice cream in it so it was a no-go-joe in our book but the cheesecake on the other hand was fair game. So they brought out the most massive slice of cheesecake I’ve ever seen just so I could get a good picture of it and then boxed it up for us to take home.

Before I end this post I have to give a shout out to the entertainment. They had a piano behind the bar where this man played all the hits and took requests. We got a good laugh a few times because he played in one key and sang in another but that’s not the point. He was entertaining and lively and made the evening really fun: he even played some GAP Band for us.

I definitely recommend you check out The Bull in the Alley, even if it’s just to sit at the bar and have a few drinks and enjoy the piano man. Another successful meal in the books!



The Best Doughnut Shop in Every State

As a child I loved Friday’s. Not because it was the end of the school week or because I knew I had an early morning soccer game the next day. Nope, none of those. I loved Friday’s because I knew it was doughnut day. My dad would take me for doughnuts every Friday morning. I’m sure I got doughnuts because he was responsible for bringing them to his own office but so what. I benefited from his weekly task.
What’s awesome about this article is that one of the stops on my food tour was selected for Oklahoma. Belle Kitchen is probably my go to spot when it comes to a good baked food that isn’t cake. Their macaroons are to die for. All the flavors They offer are bananas! Margarita, Churro, Lavender, and not to mention all the classsic flavors. They’ve taken something simple and have made it an experience. I’m excited they have been recognized for making bomb ass doughnuts and think I might need to make a trip there in the next few days.

Wanna see if your favorite spot in your state made it? Click here to find out.

The 30th Annual Grape Festival

I recently took a trip to Dallas to visit a friend from college and since she’s my friend you know alcohol and food was going to be involved. It was the 30th Annual Grape Festival in Grapevine, TX and we were on a mission to get wine wasted that day. It was really a great day, minus the heat, and we enjoyed the event. Even for a wine festival it was very family oriented. I took my bloggie with me and did a little recording so head over to my YouTube page to take a look at the fun.



#PreviewDinner at Rococo’s

I have to say that I really do love my hobby/business. Sometime’s you’re called on to make hard decisions and help chefs find their course in life. Luckily, I was glad to be called on by Chef Bruce of Rococo’s. I did a chef showcase with him as well as Chef Jason in January and it was a major success so when they asked if I wanted to come to a dinner and try some new menu options they might be rolling out I couldn’t refuse.

It was an amazing night with amazing people. I know, amazing sounds so cliche but it really was amazing. Food bloggers, business owners, and simple food lovers were able to get together and share a meal and not get judged for the amount the pictures they took before they even ate the meal. AMAZING!

Enjoy 🙂


Sweetie Pie’s – St. Louis

Robbie Montgomery (“Miss Robbie”) spent her early childhood years in Mississippi before she and her family moved to St. Louis. As the oldest of nine children, Robbie was often responsible for putting meals on the family table. By working side-by-side with her mother in their St. Louis kitchen, Robbie learned to prepare dozens of her mother’s classic soul food dishes.-From Sweetie Pie’s website

Miss Robbie has turned her Love for cooking into one of most successful businesses as well as reality shows today. That’s not her only accomplishment.

As an avid singer in her church choir and a frequent participant in local talent contests, it was apparent that Robbie had a gift for song. In 1958, she left school to pursue music professionally, and soon the opportunity presented itself for Robbie to work with Art Lassiter and sing as an “Artette.” She then met and worked as a backup singer with Ike Turner and a young Anna Mae Bullock, who was soon to become Tina Turner. “A Fool In Love” became Ike and Tina Turner’s first big hit, and Robbie joined them on the road as an “Ikette.” While on the road, Robbie’s skills in the kitchen were coveted by fellow tour members, and she often prepared meals for the band on hot plates in hotel rooms. -From Sweetie Pie’s website

So as you can see, Miss Robbie has been rockin and rollin for a long time!

Anchor Down – Oklahoma City

When a restaurant group can take something as simple as grilled cheese and turn it into an amazing and magnificent meal then they might have the key to my heart. The creators of The Mule in OKC has done just that and has a good amount of success. So when they decided to open up a spot for gourmet corn dogs you know I had to try it! Anchor Down opened this summer and they’ve had quite the buzz. I went a few days after they opened and it was packed. Good food and good cocktails made for a fabulous summer night. 

We returned recently for a casual date night. Again, we had some really good stuff. I had the Maga Coney, an all beef dog, mustard, house chili, jack cheddar, queso, green onion, jalapeno. Willow had the bird dog, a chicken sausage dipped in our savory onion batter.(served with onion dip). No date night would be complete without a good drink either. I decided to go for a mule and it was sooooooooo good!

Click here for more on Anchor Down!

Fall Tasting at Provision Kitchen – Oklahoma City

I’ve had my eye on Provision Kitchen for a while now. Mainly because I’ve seen Chef Beth all around town working her magic in some of my favorite kitchens so this has to be good. I received an email to stop in and try their fall sides for Thanksgiving. It was amazing! They offer such healthy options and you wouldn’t even know it if they didn’t tell you. Who knew a parsnip was going to taste like a potato? I was shocked! I’m a potato lover so I was pleasantly surprised by how similar they tasted yet one was way more healthier for me. 


Check Provision Kitchen out! Especially for any last minute sides you need this week.

Cheever’s Cafe – Oklahoma City

Cheever’s Cafe is contemporary comfort food with a Southwest twist. Locals in-the-know love our seafood tamales, chicken fried steak and sublime salads for dinner, lunch, brunch – everyday dining or special occasions.

I don’t have too many words for Cheever’s because the food speaks for itself. No matter who comes to town or who asks me to go eat, Cheever’s is usually the first place I recommend. I’ve sent so many people here and have heard nothing but rave reviews. I even took my parents here one night and my dad even fell in love with the rolls they bring out and he’s not a big bread eater but he was in search of a to go container when it was all said and done just for a few to take home.

I was lucky enough to enjoy my 31st birthday with my friends at Cheever’s this year. I was slightly concerned because I have some picky friends but even the pickiest ordered more than fries and gravy (LOL). I ordered the Blue Cheese Chips for an appetizer, Chicken Fried Steak for dinner, and Chocolate Cake for dessert. No lie, that slice of cake fed all six of us and I still had some to take home!

If you’re ever in Oklahoma City, this is an absolute must! Find out their menu and times here!

The World of a Foodie

The Wonderful World of a Foodie

The Wonderful World of a Foodie

The Wonderful World of a Foodie

Ludivine – Oklahoma City

Ludivine was created with a few key things in mind:

They wanted a place where the menu would change daily to reflect what is available from nearby farms and ranches. They wanted a small, unpretentious restaurant serving exceptional food in a laidback, relaxed atmosphere. They wanted to be in the heart of the urban core amid an exciting and dramatic transformation of a city. And they got it — all of it — with Ludivine.

–From the Ludivine website

I’m not too sure where to start with my experience at Ludivine because it’s exactly that. From the moment you walk into the door you are swept away by the decor and the ambiance. I actually walked in from the bar side which is a pretty swanky spot to go grab a drink and relax. Once I realized I was on the wrong side and made my way to the dinner area I felt like I was in a fairy tale. Everything was so simple but so elegant. The tables were decorated with a candle and a small vase with fresh flowers, nice wooden tables with slim white chairs or a green fabric bench-like seat that lined the wall. The kitchen is open so you see all the action take place from your table but to be honest I was so involved with the menu and my surroundings that I didn’t pay them enough attention.


The server was great. If it weren’t for her knowledge I’m sure we would have ordered a few things we would not have cared for. My only regret of the night was not ordering the Foie Gras from the menu. We started our journey with cocktails from their menu. The Havana Old Fashioned and the Whiskey Peach Cobbler were winners for us. Both were full of flavor that I would have never thought I would find in a cocktail. We started our food journey with the hottest item on the menu, the Bone Marrow is a favorite for almost everyone I spoke with about coming here. They reminded me to be open minded and not to rush through it. It was different but still worth it. It came with three small toppings to try with it and I really enjoyed the bone marrow with the caramelized onions. It was very delicious.


The main course was a real adventure. I’m a meat and taters kind of gal and this was not the place I was going to find it at. Instead of the traditional soup and salad I got the Hand Made Linguini that had cream of roasted summer squash, fresh herbs, and borage (a type of flower). The flower was edible so I just dove right in. I decided to get the Cocoa Glazed Pork Belly that came with grits, split green beans and a crowder pea puree. My boyfriend went for the Pan Roasted Hake with a fried green tomato and shellfish chowder. My pork belly was so tender and full of flavor. It paired well with the grits and the puree. I actually became full before I could finish it and I was surprised because I was loving it. I also dabbled in my boyfriends chowder and it was amazing. I’m pretty sure at one point he was hovering over his plate to make sure he got every last drop.


For dessert, I let Willow pick. He’s not a big dessert fan but I saw him eyeballing the Oatmeal and Peanut Sundae. It came out in a small dish and it was bubbling a bit. It was straight from the over but that didn’t stop either of us from diving in. I’m not a huge peanut fan so I had a few bites to get the taste and it was amazing but the further in you got the more you tasted the peanuts so I backed down.


Here are a few other things we had that weren’t mentioned above:

IMG_0109 IMG_0108 IMG_0119 IMG_0107

This is definitely a place we will go back to especially with the menu constantly changing. I’ll never get bored or burnt out when I can go back and may not come across something I ate a week or month before. A major win in the Oklahoma City restaurant world from the creators and brains behind Ludivine.

Visit Ludivine’s website here!